Solve Mortgages

Mortgage and Equity Release Broker
Moray Arnot
Solve Mortgages

Anyone who has been through the home buying process knows there’s more to buying a home than simply getting a mortgage. Whether its liaising between your solicitor and your mortgage provider, removing capital to pay for your deposit, or releasing equity for your next investment, Moray can help you through all your mortgage dilemmas!

He will also track the interest rates for you too, throughout your mortgage journey with him. So if you start out on one rate, Moray will keep an eye open, in case a better one is available before you complete. How’s that for service!

Also an expert Equity Release Broker, Moray can help you release equity from your property with a life time mortgage – as long as you’re 55 or over. So if you’re feeling the pinch why not release funds from your house? Perhaps for a wedding, a deposit, a fancy holiday or a snazzy new kitchen. Chat to Moray about how to make this happen.